As a non-profit organisation, Pride Football Australia relies on the generosity of volunteers to promote participation in football within the LGBTQIA+ community.


Through the in-kind support of our volunteers, Pride Football Australia is a voice for equality, inclusion and acceptance of LGBTQIA+ identifying people in sport and within the broader Australian community.

We thank past Committees for their tireless efforts as LGBTQIA+ advocates and supporters of equality in Australia. All supporters of Pride Football Australia provide us with a voice on issues relevant to the LGBTQIA+ and sporting community in Australia. Thank you for your ongoing support.

Please contact any of the current Committee members below for more information on Pride Football Australia's activities and initiatives, including sponsorship opportunities.

If you would like to nominate for one of the casual vacancies on the Committee, please contact James.


Meet The Team

James Cardall


Casual vacancy

Vice President

David Cherrie


Tom Dougherty


David Manuca

Sponsorship Officer

Jen Peden

General Committee Member

Pride Football Australia Inc

Founded in 2012, we work alongside community and other organisations to provide support to the LGBTQIA+ and wider community.


ABN: 77 371 207 991

Incorporation number: INC1700048

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